Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics

The Traditional Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Physics is designed especially for those who envision a research career as a scientist or engineer. Courses taken under the traditional plan of study are rigorous enough to prepare the student for entry into advanced studies (M.S., Ph.D.) in physics, or, often (with the appropriate electives), in physics-related areas such as: applied physics, optics, photonics, electrical-engineering, materials science, etc.

The OSU Physics Department offers a complete range of elementary and advanced Physics courses. See Physics Course Descriptions or the University's Academic Catalog for more information.

In addition to these undergraduate courses, advanced seniors may be given the opportunity of taking graduate courses in classical mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, lasers, and quantum mechanics.

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to work with a faculty member on a research project.

One of the great advantages of a Physics degree is the flexibility in course sequencing, and the freedom provided by the 28 credit hours of electives.


Degree Sheets

Undergraduate degree sheets are available for download in PDF format from the Physics Undergraduate Degree Sheets page.