Graduate Programs In Photonics

Photonics is an exciting, modern multidisciplinary field involving elements of applied physics, optics, electrical engineering, and biophysics.

At OSU, two academic departments (Physics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering) currently participate in the "Photonics" degree programs. Appropriate degree programs are offered both at the PhD and MS levels (see below).

Applicants are considered by one of the two departments. Thus, an applicant must clearly declare which department (one or the other, not both) (s)he wishes to consider as his "home" department. If accepted, the student would be attached to that same department.

A student with a BSEE (or similar engineering) degree can be considered only by the ECE department. Similarly, a student with a physics or physics-related degree (Physics, Applied Physics, Engineering Physics, Optical Physics, etc.) is eligible to be considered by the Physics Department.

Please feel free to explore the links below. Remember to pay particular attention to the home department (Physics, ECE) which must be chosen to match your academic background. (Applicants specifying a home department which does not match are unlikely to be accepted.)


Degree Programs Currently Offered



Degree Programs No Longer Offered

(Closed to new enrollments as of Fall 2009)