Student Resources

The Oklahoma State University Department of Physics is a research and teaching department, offering traditional and specialized Bachelors (B.S.), Masters (M.S.), and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programs in Physics, and unique opportunities for students to engage in scientific research.

Assets of the department include its 20 permanent faculty researchers/teachers (all holding Ph.D. degrees), state-of-the-art research facilities, and of course its students (approximately 30 undergraduate and 60 graduate). In addition, a dozen or so visitors from around the world, including visiting professors and postdoctoral research associates, are in residence at any given time, attracted by our prominent and internationally visible research programs.

Students can look forward to not only a quality education, but also, thanks to a low student/faculty ratio, individual attention, mentoring, and "hands-on" research experience.

Please enjoy our web site. Use it to learn about us -- our faculty, our research and degree programs, our resources, and even how to apply to one of our programs -- and decide for yourself whether a Physics education (and one at OSU) is right for you!