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Spring 2022

Physics Department Colloquia and Seminars in 2022

PHYSICS Colloquium

January 20 2022, Thursday, 3:30 pm CST
Physical Sciences 110

TischlerDr. Joseph G. Tischler 
Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Oklahoma





3D Printed Infrared Metamaterials

Intense research on two-photon polymerization (2PP) processes has led to the development of sophisticated commercial apparatus capable of producing arbitrary 3D polymer scaffolds with spatial resolutions as high as 170nm. Generally speaking, these polymer-based constructs do not interact with photons due to their low conductivity and low dielectric constants. Therefore, they do not make good optical metamaterials by themselves; however, metals and materials with high dielectric constants such as polar dielectrics (e.g., Si, hBN and SiC) do. In this work we produced novel optical metamaterials combining 2PP (or 3D printed) structures with e-beam evaporation, atomic layer deposition and/or reactive-ion etching. Furthermore, we compare optical measurements performed on these structures with full-wave electromagnetic simulations, demonstrating the strength of these fabrication methods for chiral/non-chiral structures suitable for applications such as SERS, SEIRA, light steering and subwavelength light focusing.