OSU National Physics Team Working with CEAT ENDEAVOR

OSU Physics students competed and won a nationwide competition to represent the United States at the International Physics Tournament.  As part of the competition, teams are assigned 17 open problems to be solved over a year.  Teams across the world will present and defend their answers in a public forum.  One of the questions focused on determining wind speeds by the sound of a flag flapping in the wind. 

The OSU Physics students approached the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology (CEAT) to provide wind tunnel support.  ENDEAVOR CEAT students and staff worked with these students to build and install a wind tunnel test fixture that mounted both a flag and microphone system.  Once built, graduate student Real KC and physic students Sumit Biswas, Saad Mohiuddin and Rosty Martinez ran series of experiments designed to capture the acoustical signatures for multiple flag fabrics over windspeeds ranging from 10 to 80 miles per hour.

OSU US International Physics team will be competing April 23 – 29th in Paris, France.  If you wish to support the team, please send contributions to https://philanthropete.osugiving.com/project/36567


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