OSU Team, Including Turgut and Meyers, Receive NSF Instrument Grant

turgut meyers

The National Science Foundation awarded a cutting-edge Terahertz spectroscopy system to an OSU team, including Emrah Turgut and Derek Meyers from Physics and their colleagues from Electrical and Computer Engineering. Terahertz spectrum is a rarely utilized electromagnetic spectrum lays between infrared and microwaves, two of which have been used in fiber and cellular communications extensively. On the other hand, the Terahertz spectrum offers faster communication speed for the future 6G and beyond networks. However, understanding of the material responses in this spectrum and fabrication of power-efficient devices is challenging.

$603 Thousand support will be used to acquire the instrument that will enable research activities in novel material science, wireless communications, imaging, and electronics at Oklahoma State University and neighboring universities. Particularly, Dr. Turgut and Dr. Meyers will use the instrument to study high-frequency quasiparticle dynamics in chiral and anti-ferromagnetic materials, spin-Hall auto-oscillators, and resonance spin-wave spectroscopy. These studies will advance fundamental understanding of quantum materials and lead to faster and more power-efficient computing architectures.