2020 Recipient of the Robberson Summer Dissertation Fellowship and the Graduate Dean's Certificate for 360°Critical Skills for Career Success

Sreekul Rajagopal has been awarded the Robberson Summer Dissertation Fellowship for 2020 as well as the 2020 Graduate Dean's Certificate for 360º Critical Skills for Career Success.

The Robberson Summer Dissertation award provides support for Doctoral students to focus on their dissertation work. The Fellowship/Grant supports summer research for outstanding post-candidacy, doctoral students from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary program. The program includes a $6,000 summer award and tuition waiver for three credit hours.

Under the 360º program, Graduate students enhance their career critical skills.  The certificate is the highest level of acheivement.  Intentional effor to develop skills in a range of competencies.

Rajagopal is currently studying to get his PhD in Photonics under his advisor, Dr. Albert Rosenberger.  He is also the recipient of the 2020 GPSGA Phoenix Award. Congratulations Raj!