Dr. Liu's Research Group Receives NSF Award

Dr. Yingmei Liu’s research group has received a 3-year award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), which supports the experimental study of novel quantum phase transitions and non-equilibrium dynamics in a lattice-confined spinor Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC)

starting September 2019. BECs are ultra-cold gases, in which all atoms have a single collective wavefunction for their spatial degrees of freedom. With an additional spin degree of freedom, spinor BECs constitute a fascinating collective quantum system offering an unprecedented degree of control over such parameters as spin, density, temperature, and the dimensionality of the system. The aims of this research are both of fundamental interest for advancing our understanding on quantum physics, and of technological significance. Beyond the important research goals, this NSF award provides excellent opportunities and generous support to involve undergraduate and graduate students in experimental research projects. Motivated students majoring in Physics and Photonics please send your inquiry to Dr. Liu directly.