Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

09/17/2020 4:00 pm


ChenTeYu Chien

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Wyoming


Title: Electronic properties of novel materials - photovoltaic, 2D magnetic, and topological materials

Electronic properties, such as the electronic band structures and the density of states, of a material are at the center of understanding the physical properties. For examples, it is directly related to the optical properties, magnetic properties, and transport properties of the materials. Thus, the understanding of the electronic properties provide the fundamental basis of understanding the materials of interests. In this talk, I would like to share the results of our recent and on-going works focusing on three material categories: (1) photovoltaic materials (organic photovoltaic, and organometallic halide perovskite materials); (2) magnetic materials (CrBr3, Eu-Si nanowires, and EuO); and (3) topological materials (EuO, and 2M-WS2). Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/S) is the main tool used to provide the nm-scale understanding of the electronic properties.

September 17, 2020, 4:00PM
ONLINE (via Zoom: contact Dr. Mario Borunda, if you would like to attend)