Physics Colloquium - Dr. Bayram Saparov

09/29/2022 3:30 pm
110 Physical Sciences


PHYSICS Colloquium

September 29, 2022, Thursday, 3:30 pm CST



Dr. Bayram Saparov

University of Oklahoma



Title: Ultrabright Light Emission Properties of All-Inorganic and Hybrid Metal Halides

Abstract: The emergence of lead halide perovskites for optical and electronic applications has been one of the most important discoveries of the past two decades in the material field.  To accelerate the industrial use of metal halide perovskites, there is a global search for alternative non-toxic lead-free halides that demonstrate higher environmental stability while preserving the advantageous properties of lead halides such as their outstanding optical and electronic properties.  In this talk, our recent discoveries of brand-new families of lead-free high efficiency light-emitting materials will be summarized.  These include all-inorganic copper (I) halides that demonstrate low-dimensional crystal structures, and consequently, very flat bands around the band gap, leading to highly localized charges.  Such charge localization coupled with the soft metal halide crystal lattice typically results in the presence of high stability self-trapped excitons at room temperature recombination of which yeilds record high photoluminescence quantum efficiency light emission properties.  Our findings on all-inorganic copper halides will be compared to the light emission properties of low-dimentional hybrid organic-inorganic halides.  The talk will be concluded with a few examples of the potential practical applications of the luminescent metal halides mentioned in this presentation.