Optics and Photonics Research

Dr. Girish Agarwal and his students are exploring various problems in quantum optics and quantum information science, including quantum computing. Dr. Agarwal holds the Noble chair in Optics at OSU; the group has worldwide collaborations in the field of optics with similar groups at the University of Rochester, Texas A&M, and the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics.


Dr. Donna Bandy (Noble Research Fellow) and her students are investigating "whispering gallery modes" (WGM's) using sophisticated modeling techniques to predict properties such as mode excitation and outcoupling using tapered optical fibers.


Dr. Mario Borunda studies several problems in quantum information science and quantum computing. His group is interested in understanding the properties of Bose-Einstein condensates and ultra cold Fermi atomic systems. Particularly, spin transport in and the effects of inducing spin-orbit coupling in atomic systems.


Dr. Yingmei Liu leads an experimental AMO physics group, a part of a multidisciplinary program in Photonics at OSU. The main research interest is to investigate spin-squeezing with sodium Bose-Einstein Condensates near absolute zero temperature, and its immediate applications to quantum information science.


Dr. Al Rosenberger is studying the fundamental properties and technical applications of "whispering gallery modes" (WGM's) of light in dielectric microresonators. For example, a fused-silica microsphere less than 1 mm in diameter supports many WGMs, whose evanescent parts extend outside the sphere to "feel" the environment. Applications include quantum-dot microlasers and chemical sensors.


Dr. Gil Summy is using Bose-Einstein Condensation in Rubidium-87 to investigate fundamental issues in quantum chaos and atom trapping. In August 2004, Dr. Summy's group achieved a Bose Einstein condensate using optical trapping methods exclusively, thereby becoming one of the first such groups in the world to do so. The group maintains active collaborations with Dr. William Phillips' (Nobel Laureate 1997) group at NIST.


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