Nanostructures and Condensed Matter Research

Dr. Bruce Ackerson's research deals with the non-equilibrium structure of fluids and colloidal suspensions. Recently his interest has turned to developing and testing strategies in science education which will afford students more immediate and better insights into physics and other sciences.


Dr. Mario Borunda's research interest include nanostructured quantum systems and their many-body physics (quantum dots and quantum wires), spintronics, quantum transport in semiconductors and graphene, magnetic properties of nanostructures, and solid-state quantum information. He is also interest in several aspects of many-body theory (density functional theory, exact diagonalization, and configuration-interaction schemes).


Dr. Dave McIlroy’s group studies the electronic, optical and growth of one-dimensional nanostructures. In addition, they study catalytic reactions at surfaces and molecular absorption. Please visit his research page for more details.


The group led by Dr. John Mintmire continues studies of single- and multi-walled nanotubes and other nanostructures using density functional theory.


Dr. Jacques Perk studies thermodynamic quantities, phase transitions, and correlation functions of exactly solvable models capturing phenomena in real physical systems.




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