High Energy Physics Research

Dr. Satya Nandi and Dr. Kaladi Babu and the elementary particle theory group are focused on proposing tests for the theories within and beyond the standard model as they look at unification of forces within the context of supersymmetry, compactification of extra dimensions and string theory. Dr. Nandi is also the Director of the Oklahoma Consortium of Universities for High Energy Experimental and Theoretical Physics.


Dr. Flera Rizatdinova, Dr. Alexander Khanov, and Dr. Joseph Haley lead an experimental high energy group. The group is involved in two major experiments, DØ at the Tevatron, Fermilab, and ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN. The main interests of the group are top quark physics and search for a Higgs boson, as well as searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model. Members of the group develop tracking algorithms and experimental methods to identify jets originated from b-quarks. The group is also involved in the optical links research and development for the next pixel system in the upgraded ATLAS detector. The group is also taking a leading role in the data readout and monitoring of the new ATLAS pixel detector.


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