Medical Physics

Core Components of the Medical Physics Studies Program


Course Work

The Student will take several core graduate courses in Medical Physics to learn the basic physics and biology of radiation interactions with tissue, and its applications in radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging. Subjects taught in the courses include:


  • PHYS 4663(G) Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics
  • PHYS 5533 Dosimetry and Radiation Protection
  • PHYS 5563 Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics Laboratory
  • PHYS 5573 Radiation Biophysics
  • PHYS 5583 Physics of Medical Imaging
  • PHYS 5593 Physics of Radiation Therapy


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Clinical Rotations


The Student shadows a Medical Physicist working in a radiation oncology or diagnostic imaging clinic and observes his/her daily activities. This includes observing (and sometimes assisting) the Medical Physicists involvement with patient procedures, treatment planning for radiotherapy, and calibration and quality assurance measurements on radiotherapy and imaging machines.

Clinical rotations take place in one of several local hospitals or cancer treatment centers. Students will gain valuable exposure to the day-to-day operations of radiation oncology or diagnostic imaging departments and to the daily clinical activities of a medical physicist in these settings.


  • PHYS 5693 Clinical Studies in Medical Physics (clinical rotation course)
  • ZOOL 3204 Human Anatomy and Physiology


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Each student completes a research project in the broad area of Medical Physics. Research topics may range from basic science research (e.g. how do proton therapy beams interact with nuclei in tissue), to clinically related studies (e.g. what effects do radiation therapy beams have on pacemakers), to radiation protection (e.g. studying stray radiation produced during imaging and therapy procedures).

Students are encouraged to submit the findings of their research project for publication in peer reviewed scientific journals and to present their work at national and international research conferences.


Students get to improve their presentation skills during the journal club.


  • PHYS 5110 Radiation Medical Physics Journal Club


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