Faculty Directory




Dr. Bruce J. AckersonDr. Bruce J. Ackerson
Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1976

Office: 215 PS; 405-744-5819
Lab: 541 PS; 405-744-7734
Lab: 554A PS
Email: bruce.ackerson@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Demonstration Museum

Dr. Girish S. AgarwalDr. Girish S. Agarwal
FRS, Noble Foundation Chair, and Regents Professor
Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1969

Office: 151 PS; 405-744-3862
Lab: 254 PS; 405-744-4615
Email: girish.agarwal@okstate.edu
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Dr. Kaladi S. BabuDr. K. S. Babu
Regents Professor, and Interim Department Head
Ph.D., University of Hawaii, 1986

Office: 145 PS; 405-744-5796
Office: 228 PS; 405-744-5810
Lab: 347/348 PS; 405-744-5801
Email: kaladi.babu@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | High Energy Physics Group | Oklahoma Center for High Energy Physics

Dr. Donna K. BandyDr. Donna K. Bandy
Ph.D., Drexel University, 1984

Office: 152D PS; 405-744-7488
Email: donna.bandy@okstate.edu
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Dr. Eric BentonDr. Eric Benton
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Dublin, 2004

Office: 224 PS
Office: 203 Venture I; 405-744-2508
Lab: 100 Venture I; 405-744-2014
Email: eric.benton@okstate.edu
Links: Radiation Physics Lab

Dr. Mario BorundaDr. Mario Borunda
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Texas A&M, 2008

Office: 231 PS; 405-744-3364
Lab: 208A PS; 405-744-3523
Lab: 253 PS
Email: mario.borunda@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page

Dr. Jongmin ChoDr. Jongmin Cho
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Texas, 2014

Office: 213 Venture I; 405-744-4762
Lab: 236 Venture I; 405-744-4763
Email: jongmin.cho@okstate.edu
Links: Venture I | Medical Physics Lab

Dr. Joe HaleyDr. Joe Haley
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2009

Office: 223 PS; 405-744-4830
Lab: 209 PS; 405-744-2821
Email: joseph.haley@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | High Energy Physics Group

Dr. Alexander KhanovDr. Alexander Khanov
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Rochester, 2004

Office: 251 PS; 405-744-2404
Lab: 252 PS; 405-744-5097
Email: alexander.khanov@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | High Energy Physics Group

Dr. Yingmei LiuDr. Yingmei Liu
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2004

Office: 130B HBRC; 405-744-5816
Lab: 010 NRC, 405-744-6695
Lab: 010B-010C HBRC
Email: yingmei.liu@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page

Dr. John MintmireDr. John W. Mintmire
Regents Professor
Ph.D., University of Florida, 1980

Office: 216 PS; 405-744-5811
Lab: 250 PS; 405-744-2825
Email: john.mintmire@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Computational Materials Physics Group

Dr. Satya NandiDr. Satyanarayan Nandi
Regents Professor, and Director of the Oklahoma Center for High Energy Physics
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1975

Office: 227 PS; 405-744-5805
Lab: 155 PS; 405-744-1218
Lab: 347/348 PS; 405-744-5801
Email: s.nandi@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | High Energy Physics Group | Oklahoma Center for High Energy Physics

Dr. Jacques H. H. PerkDr. Jacques H. H. Perk
Ph.D., University of Leiden, Netherlands, 1979

Office: 218 PS; 405-744-5798
Lab: 219 PS
Email: perk@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page

Dr. Flera RizatdinovaDr. Flera Rizatdinova
Ph.D., Moscow State University, 1994

Office: 229 PS; 405-744-5814
Lab: 214 PS; 405-744-2753
Lab: 543
Email: flera.rizatdinova@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | High Energy Physics Group

Dr. Albert T. RosenbergerDr. Albert T. Rosenberger
Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1979

Office: 226 PS; 405-744-6742
Lab: 551 PS; 405-744-3849
Lab: 552 PS; 405-744-2952
Email: atr@okstate.edu
Email: physics.grad.coordinator@ okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Optical Physics Laboratory

Dr. Peter O. ShullDr. Peter O. Shull
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Rice University, 1982

Office: 150 PS; 405-744-5785
Lab: 047 PS
Email: pos@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Mendenhall Observatory

Dr. Gil SummyDr. Gil Summy
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Griffith University, 1995

Office: 130C HBRC; 405-744-5809
Lab: 001F HBRC; 405-744-7286
Email: gil.summy@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Bose-Einstein Condensation Lab

Dr. Aihua XieDr. Aihua Xie
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, 1987

Office: 230B HBRC; 405-744-6589
Lab: 220D/220H HBRC; 405-744-3416
Email: aihua.xie@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page

Dr. Eduardo G. YukiharaDr. Eduardo G. Yukihara
Ph.D., University of São Paulo, 2001

Office: 225 PS; 405-744-5051
Office: 210 Venture I; 405-744-6535
Lab: Venture I; 405-744-6455
Email: eduardo.yukihara@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page

Dr. Donghua ZhouDr. Donghua Zhou
Associate Professor
Ph.D., College of William and Mary, 2003

Office: 230L HBRC; 405-744-3277
Lab: 210G HBRC; 405-744-2865
Lab: NMR; 405-744-7516
Email: donghua@okstate.edu
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Emeritus Faculty


Dr. Thomas C. Collins
Emeritus Professor
Email: thomas.collins@okstate.edu



Dr. H. James Harmon
Emeritus Professor
Office: 208 A/B PS
Email: james.harmon@okstate.edu
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Dr. Robert J. Hauenstein
Emeritus Professor
Office: 222 PS; 405-744-5812
Lab: 048 PS
Email: rjh@okstate.edu
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Dr. Joel J. Martin
Emeritus Professor
Office: 350 PS; 405-744-5799
Lab: 351
Lab: 546 & 547 PS; 405-744-7478
Email: joel.j.martin@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Crystal Growth Laboratory



Dr. Stephen W.S. McKeever
Emeritus Regents Professor
Office: 248 PS; 405-744-4625
Lab: 212 Venture I; 405-744-5802
Email: stephen.mckeever@okstate.edu
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Dr. Peter M.A. Sherwood
Emeritus Dean, and Emeritus Regents Professor
Email: peter.sherwood@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page | Curriculum Vitae | Surface Science Lab



Dr. Paul A. Westhaus
Emeritus Professor
Office: 208B PS; 405-744-5815
Email: paul.westhaus@okstate.edu
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Dr. James P. Wicksted
Emeritus Professor, Noble Research Fellow, and Director of Multidisciplinary Research
Office: 232 PS; 405-744-5807
Lab: 553 PS
Email: james.wicksted@okstate.edu
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Dr. Timothy M. Wilson
Emeritus Professor
Office: 350 PS; 405-744-2831
Email: tim.wilson@okstate.edu
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Adjunct, Post-Doctoral, Visiting and Other Faculty


Dr. Eric Abraham
Adjunct Professor
Office: University of Oklahoma
Email: abe@mail.nhn.ou.edu



Dr. Salahuddin Ahmad
Adjunct Professor
Office: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences
Email: salahuddin-ahmad@ouhsc.edu



Dr. Mark Akselrod
Adjunct Professor
Office: Landauer; 405-377-5161
Links: Home Page



Dr. Wei Chen
Adjunct Professor
Office: University of Central Oklahoma
Email: wchen@ucok.edu



Dr. Regina DeWitt
Adjunct Assistant Professor
East Carolina University
Email: dewittr@ecu.edu
Links: Home Page



Dr. Josu Cantero Garcia
Office: CERN



Dr. Tathagata Ghosh
Office: 212 PS | 405-744-3890



Dr. David Jamin
Office: CERN



Dr. Saki Khan
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 352 PS | 405-744-5185



Dr. Tae Kyu Lee
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: ProCure Proton Therapy Center
Email: Tk.Lee@okc.procure.com



Dr. Art Lucas
Adjunct Professor
Email: art.lucas@okstate.edu



Dr. David Peakheart
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: Edmond Medical
Email: pkheart1@hotmail.com



Dr. Helen Au-Yang Perk
Adjunct Professor
Office: 219 PS; 405-744-5798
Email: perk@okstate.edu
Links: Home Page



Dr. Dillon Scofield
Adjunct Professor
Office: Dupont
Email: scofield@applsci.com



Dr. Sergey Sholom
Assistant Research Professor
Office: Venture I; 405-744-1011
Email: sergey.sholom@okstate.edu



Dr. Carter White
Adjunct Professor
Office: US Naval Research Laboratory
Email: carter.white@nrl.navy.mil



Dr. Lichao Zhao
Office: 010 NRC: 405-744-6695



Dr. Yuanshui Zheng
Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: ProCure
Email: yuanshui.zheng@okc.procure.com