How To Apply For Admission
to the Physics Graduate Program

Prospective students must apply for admission review through the Graduate College. Teaching Assistantships will be offered to select candidates.


Please check our Research and Scholarly Activity website to learn more about the research opportunities at our Department.


When To Apply

  • Only applications for Fall admission are accepted. Applications will be accepted starting in November 1.
  • Deadline: February 1.


How To Apply

  • The entire application, including recommendation letters, can now be completed online through the Graduate College. Applicants will be able to upload all required documents and recommenders will be contacted directly by the system. Just go to "Apply Now" at
  • A very small number of application fee waivers will be provided by the Physics Department. If you are interested in receiving a waiver, please send the Departmental Information Form (pdf) to with a copy of your CV. Please send in waiver application AFTER November 1. Earlier submission will be ignored. Selection will be completed by November 30.

    ATTENTION: Do NOT submit an application until you receive the requested waiver code (which should be entered in page 13)! It is not possible to process refunds of the application fee.


A Few Hints For The Online Application

  • When filling an application, the system will try to validate the entries on each page. If there is a problem, there is no need to return to the first page. You can simply correct your entries and click "Submit these changes", or click "Go back" at the bottom of the page to revise your entries.
  • If you received a waiver code from the Physics Department, enter the waiver code on page 13.


Note For Photonics Applicants

Photonics Applicants with Electrical Engineering undergraduate degrees must contact the OSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for application and assistantship information.