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2016-09-13 Update Graduate Recruiter contact information sitewide as requested by K. Babu.
2016-09-12 Added a link to the departement head position advert at AIP to the web site.
2016-09-12 Added and entry for S. Khan to the faculty directory.
2016-09-12 Added a link for S. Jana's home page to the graduate student directory.
2016-08-19 Update personnel directories.
2016-08-11 Updated the faculty directory and medical physics pages with info provided by J. Cho.
2016-08-08 Updated a few obsolete links related to J. Polf. Links now point to the current medical physics page.
2016-08-08 Implemented template updates as requested by K. Babu and J. Mintmire.
2016-07-26 Updated some out of date information on the photonics web site pages.
2016-07-07 Replaced the now obsolete Registrar Course Description links site-wide with a link to the new searchable web page as requested by A. Khanov.
2016-06-07 Updated information on apply-graduate-documents-required.html as requested by D. Zhou.
2016-05-23 Updated two medical physics pages as requested by J. Cho.
2016-04-14 Added hyperlinks to the medial-physics.html page as requested by J. Cho.
2016-04-13 Made extensive updates to the medical phyiscs page as requested by J. Cho.
2016-04-13 Removed links to the obsolete mdeical physics page in /yukihara/dosimetry as requested by J. Cho and E. Yukihara.
2016-04-13 Removed links to the Linux Lab as requested by J. Mintmire.
2016-04-13 Modified the colloquim page link to resolve issues with the /coll directory as requested by J. Mintmire.
2016-04-05 Added news item as requested by J. Haley.
2016-02-17 Added adjunct professor to the faculty directory as requested by S. Cantrell.
2016-01-27 Updated the help room page with ta office hours for the current semester provided by M. Edwards,
2016-01-27 Updated the Observatory pages with information provided by P. Shull.
2016-01-21 Update directory information with information provided by A. Leech.
2016-01-15 Update graduate student directory with information provided by A. Leech.
2016-01-13 Update all links on the links.html page after notification regarding dead links from D. Zhou.
2015-11-23 Updated two more faculty directory photos as requested by A. Leech.
2015-11-23 Updated contact information on the Instrument Shop Research page as requested by S. Cantrell.
2015-11-18 Updated Dr. Borunda's photo on the Faculty Directory with a photo provided by A. Leech
2015-11-17 Added a photo of Dr. Cho to the Faculty Directory using the file provided by S. Cantrell
2015-11-16 The Faculty Directory was updated with information provided by S. Cantrell.
2015-10-28 The Instrument Shop Staff directory was updated with information provided by S. Cantrell
  Out-of-date course descriptions were replaced with links to the astronomy and physics course description pages maintained by the registrar's office.



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