Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter Systems

Studying materials with a whole new way

We study materials because we are curious how materials show countless different properties. High energy physicists call the family of elementary particles as a zoo. Because they trap them in LHC and study them in a controlled way. We also study elementary and sometimes quasi-particles, but in a condensed matter environment, which is like a jungle, unlike a zoo. Our typical 1021 electrons can behave violently in this jungle and result in magnetism, superconductors, topological insulators …



We are interested in motivated graduate and undergraduate students from both physics and engineering. Because our research has a significant application/experimental aspect, undergraduate students with hands on experiences/passion at any class are welcome. Graduate students with experiences in the following fields have a great plus: Lasers, optics, thin film growth, spintronics, and ultrahigh vacuum. For further details and questions, please contact Prof. Emrah Turgut.