Bose-Einstein Condensation and Quantum Chaos Laboratory
Oklahoma State University


Previous news items

11 November 2007: Experimental realization of quantum-resonance-ratchets accepted for publication PRL.

14 May 2007: Ghazal Behin-aein successfully defends her thesis "Quantum accelerator modes in a BEC"!

13 December 2006: "Exploring the phase space of the quantum delta kicked accelerator" published in PRL

22 September, 2006: "Exploring the phase space of the quantum delta kicked accelerator" placed on the archive.

29 June, 2006: A new PhD! Peyman Ahmadi successfully defends.

23 June, 2006: Quantum accelerator modes seen in BEC.

11 June, 2006: Observation of BEC created using a single beam FORT. Movies can be found here and here.

7 June, 2006: Brian Timmons successfully defends his PhD!

24 April, 2006: Paper on Quantum Accelerator Modes from the Farey Tree published.

14 March, 2006: Paper on investigation of optical traps with a frequency jump published.

6 December, 2005: First observation of rubidium quantum accelerator modes.

11 October, 2005: Paper on sudden trap frequency jumps placed on the archive.

15 August, 2005: Paper on time averaged traps published in PRA.

27 January, 2005: Paper on quantum accelerator modes and the Farey tree placed on the archive.

11 January, 2005: Paper on optical micro-traps published in New Journal of Physics.

19 August, 2004: We were able to confirm the achievement of  Bose-Einstein condensation using rubidium 87 in an optical trap.


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