Peter M. A. Sherwood

Full Name:‑ Peter Miles Anson Sherwood Date of Birth:‑ 12th July 1945; London, England

Professional Preparation

Undergraduate Institution:- St. Andrews Univ. Scotland; Chemistry; B.Sc. ‑1st class honours, 1967
Graduate Institution:- Cambridge University, England; Chemistry M.A., and Ph.D. 1970
Postdoctoral Institution:- None.
Other Qualifications:-; Sc. D. (Cambridge England), 1995; C.Chem. (Royal Soc. Chem.), 1970; F.R.S.C., 1982; C. Phys. (Institute of Physics), 1996; F. Inst. P., 1996, C.Sci., 2004.


2004-Pres Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Regents Professor of Physics, Oklahoma State University; University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, KSU.
1997-2004 University Distinguished Professor, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
1997-2004 Head of the Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University.
1993-2004 Director, State of Kansas DEPSCoR Program
1990-91 Program Officer, Analytical and Surface Chemistry, National Science Foundation
1991‑97 Professor, Kansas State University
1988‑90 Director, Center for Molecular and Solid State Energetics(KSU).
1985‑1991 Associate Professor, Kansas State University (KSU), Manhattan, Kansas
1986 Senior Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York (Summer Visiting Position) 1987 Visiting Scientist, National Measurement Laboratory, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia
1984‑1985 Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
1972‑1984 Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England
1976 Visiting Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley : 1984 Visiting Professor, University of Bari, Italy.
1970‑1972 Fellow, Downing College, Cambridge University, England.
1967‑1970 College Supervisor (Underg.Teaching) Cambridge University

Fellowships and Awards

St. Andrews University: 1964‑ 1967 W.J.Matheson Bursar;1963‑ 1964 and 1964‑ 1965 and 1966‑ 1967 Class Medals for the best undergraduate performance in Chemistry; 1964 Finlayson Prize. 1967 Forrester Prize and Irvine Jubilee Medal (best first class honours degree in Chemistry)
1970‑ 72 Salters' Company Fellow; 1989 Mid‑American State Universities Lecturer
1990 Society of Applied Spectroscopy Tour Speaker 1991Outstanding Performance Award, NSF 1995 Sc.D. Degree, Cambridge University (England) (publications evaluated for "proof of distinction by some original contribution to the advancement of Science or of Learning")
1997 University Distinguished Professor 2003 Fellow of the American Vacuum Society
2003 Presidential Award for Outstanding Department Head (Kansas State University).
2007 Regents Professor.

Professional Societies and Activities

Societies: The American Chemical Society (Chair KSU Section 1994);The Royal Society of Chemistry (local section secretary 1972‑1976); Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; Fellow of Sigma Xi, Society for Applied Spectroscopy; Materials Research Society, American Vacuum Society (Board of Directors (1999-2000), Treasurer Applied Surface Science Division), Electrochemical Society.
Journals: Editorial Board of Surface Analysis‑Techniques and Applications (Wiley). Editorial Boards: Carbon, Surface and Interface Analysis. Associate Editor, Surface Science Spectra. Editor, Critical Reviews in Surface Chemistry (1991-1998).

Research Lectures

1972‑2007 Over 125 invited lectures in U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Australia and Canada.


About 210.