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  • Trace gas absorption sensing
  • Chemical absorption sensing in liquids (laser and broadband)
  • Novel measure of thermal accommodation coefficients
  • Characterization of surfaces and thin films


  • First room-temperature lasing of HgTe quantum dots (QDs)
  • QDs attached to microsphere by solution processing or dielectrophoresis
  • Ultralow lasing threshold (150 nW)
  • Effect of coating fiber with QDs

Plasmonic Near Field WGM Enhancement

  • Growth and characterization of high-aspect-ratio gold nanorods and wires
  • Plasmonic enhancement of evanescent coupling
  • Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy using WGMs
  • All-optical evanescent coupling control

Fundamental Optical Studies

  • Coupled-resonator-induced transparency (classical analog to EIT)
  • Direct polarization conversion
  • Internal cross-polarization intermodal coupling
  • Measurement of quality factor via phase shift or transient response
  • Controlled coupled-resonator response

Theoretical Modeling

  • Application of coupled mode theory to fiber-cavity coupling
  • Application of coupled mode theory to cavity-cavity coupling
  • Application of coupled mode theory to cross-polarization intermodal coupling
  • Cavity modeling of coupled-resonator response
  • Cavity modeling of transient response for quality factor determination
  • Cavity modeling of polarization effects
  • Field modeling for a non-adiabatic tapered fiber
  • Plasmonic nanorod/wire spectral response (and effects of nonuniform dielectric)






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