The H.S. Mendenhall Observatory

The 24-inch Telescope Gallery


First Image

The first test image, which shows the spiral galaxy Messier 81, about 11 million light-years away.


First Light Image from the 24-inch Telescope



Globular Star Clusters

The three globular star clusters below were imaged with a luminance (white light) filter.


Messier 3

Messier 3


Messier 5

Messier 5


Messier 13

Messier 13



Planetary Nebula Messier 27

The set of images below of planetary nebula Messier 27 illustrate how a color astrophoto is made. Four monochromatic images through red, green, blue, and luminance filters are first obtained. They are then combined on a computer to create the color composite image.


Red Light



Green Light



Blue Light



White Light



Composite of the Four Preceding Images