The H.S. Mendenhall Observatory

The Control Building

The Control Building will transform the observatory into a superb and unique educational and scientific facility.


Below is a graphic of the fully completed observatory at dusk (copyright by Toby Wilson). A portable telescope is at the center. The wooden screening fence is part of Phase Two construction plans, and will define a sheltered amphitheater for outdoor stargazers by blocking cold north winds and the lights of any approaching vehicles. (See the full-sized graphic.)


Artists Rendering of the Completed Observatory


As the floor plan shows, the Control Building contains a restroom, kitchenette, storeroom, telescope control room, and a heating and cooling system. The shaded items are part of Phase Two construction. For scientific reasons, the telescope dome is neither heated nor cooled. The Control Building's features will enable observers to work comfortably year round, and allow visitors to warm up and enjoy snacks on chilly evenings. It also provides much-needed storage space for maintenance equipment, instruments, and portable telescopes for public star parties. (See the full-sized floor plan.)


Control Center Floor Plan


For more information, please download the illustrated, four-page description of the Control Building project in PDF format. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Dr. Peter Shull and the OSU Foundation.