Prof. Satya Nandi

Regents Professor, Department of Physics, and Director, Oklahoma Center for High Energy (OCHEP)


Ph.D., University of Chicago
Ph.D Thesis: Dynamical Approach to Supersymmetry




  1. Fellow of American Physical Society
  2. Regent Professor, Oklahoma State University
  3. 2003 OSU Regents Distinguished Research Award
  4. Letter of commendation from President James E. Halligan on OSU Celebrate day
  5. 1991 College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Excellence Award, Oklahoma State University
  6. Review panel, National Science Foundation
  7. Leader of NSF supported U.S. delegation to WHEPP workshop in India, January, 1991.
  8. Woodburn Professorship Lecture and Award, Ghosh Traveling Fellow, Ma Kali Sahaya Overseas Traveling Fellow.



Research Area: High Energy Theory

Current interest: Physics beyond the Standard Model such as the unification of particles and forces, supersymmetry, extra dimensions, string phenomenology, collider physics and the neutrino masses and mixings. The emphasis is both on model building, as well as the implications of the new physics for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).



Recent Publications

  1. New Physics Scale from Higgs Observables with Effective Dimension -6 operators, Sudip Jana, S. Nandi, e-Print: arXiv:1710.00619[hep-ph] (submitted to Phys. Lett. B).
  2. New signals for vector-like down-type quarks in U(1) of E(6), Kashinath Das, Tianjun Li, S. Nandi, Santosh Kumar Rai, e-Print: arXiv:1708.00328[hep-ph], (submitted to Euro Physics Journal).
  3. Neutrino mass generation at the TeV scale and new physics signature from charged Higgs at the LHC for photon initiated processes, Kirtiman Ghosh, Sudip Jana, S. Nandi, e-Print: arXiv:1705.01121[hep-ph] (submitted to JHEP).
  4. Neutrino mass and scalar singlet dark matter, S. Bhattacharya, S. Jana, S. Nandi, e-Print arXiv: 1609.03274[hep-ph], Phys. Rev. D 95(2017) no5, 055003.
  5. The search for electroweak scale right-handed neutrinos and mirror charged leptons through like-sign dilepton signals, S. Cahakdar, K. Ghosh, V. Hoang, P.Q. Hung, S. Nandi, e-Print arXiv:1606.08502, Phys. Rev. D95(2017) no.1,015014.
  6. Search for mirror quark at the LHC, S. Chakdar, K. Ghosh, V. Hoang, P.Q. Hung, and S. Nandi, e-Print arXiv: 1508:07318[hep-ph], Phys. Rev. D93 (2016)162-166).
  7. Diboson excess in an anomaly free leptophobic left-right model, K. Das, T. Li, S. Nandi and S. K. Rai, Phys. Rev. D93 (2016)016006.
  8. Superworld without Supersymmetry, S. Chakdar, K. Ghosh and S. Nandi, e-Print arXiv1508.00885[hep-ph], Phys. Lett. B754 (2016)162-165.
  9. Search for mirror quark at the LHC, S. Chakdar, K. Ghosh, V. Hoang, P.Q. Hung, and S. Nandi, e-Print arXiv: 1508:07318[hep-ph] (accepted in Phys. Rev. D in 2015, (now published in Phys. Rev. D93 (2016)162-166).
  10. Diboson excess in an anomaly free leptophobic left-right model, K. Das, T. Li, S. Nandi and S. K. Rai, e-Print arXiv:1512.00190, Phys. Rev. D93(2016)1,016006).



Link To All Publications



OSU Graduates Under My Supervision

Shreyashi Chakdar, Ph.D, 2015, currently faculty at Colby College.

Durmus Karabacak, Ph.D 2014, currently a faculty member at the University of Turkey.

Zeke Murdock, Ph.D, 2011, now a faculty at Marymount College, CA.

Benjamin Grossmann, Ph.D, 2010, now a faculty at the University of Montana.

Steven Gabriel, Ph.D, 2010 (working in industry).

Cornelius Marius Rujoiu, Ph.D, 2006, now a staff scientist at the Cosmic Ray Institute, in Bucharest, Rumania.

Stephen Johnston, B.S. (Senior Thesis), 2006, now at Washington University.

Reema Ghavri, MS (2005), now a faculty at NSU, Lousiana.

Chris McMullen, Ph.D. (2002), now a faculty at NSU, Louisiana.

David Muller, Ph.D. (1999), Aereto Industries.

Steve Gibbons, Ph.D. (1999), has own business in Seattle, WA.

Daniel Dumitru, M.S. (1999)

Jack Huesman, M.S. (1999)

Dutch Ratcliffe, B.S. (Senior thesis 1999)

Bhaskar Dutta, Ph.D. (1995), now tenured Professor at Texas A & M University, College Station, TX.

Steve Narf, M.S. (1995), staff member at the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

Dustin Carr, B.S. (Senior thesis 1995)



Former Freshman Research Scholar

Ryan Scott is a Goldwater Scholar.



Former Undergraduate Physics Majors Under My Supervision

S. Shibata (Niblack Scholar)



Post-doctoral Fellows Supervised

K. Ghosh (currently a faculty member at the institute of physics, Bhubneswar, India).

S. K. Rai: Now a permanent faculty member at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, in India.

Zurab Tavartkiladze, Now faculty member in Ilia Institute of Technology, Georgia.

G. Seidl, now at University of Wurzburg, Germany.

I. Gogoladze, now at the University of Delaware.

C. Macesanu, has own business in Houston, Texas.

Y. Mimura, now faculty at National Taiwan University.

B. Mukhopadhyaya, now a Professor at Harish Chandra Research Institute, in India.

T. Torma, now a faculty at the University of Mississippi.

J. Woodside (working in Industry).






Invited Visitor To:

Fermilab, SLAC, IAS, Princeton, BNL, CERN, DESY