McIlroy's Minions

Sometimes we need to get stuff done and we have to roll up our sleeves. We had a 4500 lb. magnet on the third floor of our building. Why did we need to move the magnet? Our new biophysicist needed the lab spaced cleared out. This summer's McIlroy's Minion (Justin, John, Hayden, Rachel, Stuart, Pavel, and Pete) were ready to tackle the task. Justin was particularly jazzed about the prospects of moving the beast. So with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of muscles, we wrestled the beast to the elevator and down to the loading dock. By we, I don't mean me. The students came up with the idea of using straps on the front rather than pushing it strictly from the back. This work much better than when it was brought into the building 18+ years ago, so says John Failla. Once in the elevator rated to handle the weight of the magnet, the doors wouldn't close. Ironically, it took a little bit of thinking to get the elevator moving. By this I mean crossing your arms, scratching your chin, and leaning against the back corner of the elevator. When a few of us were in the elevator and I leaned against the back corner, crossed my arms, and scratched my chin, we balanced the weight distribution such that the elevator creaked and the doors finally closed.


From left to right, Justin, Pavel, John, Hayden, Stuart, Rachel and Pete. The old guy in front is our master instrument maker, John Failla. John Failla and I supervised. Well done everyone!!!