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Awards Banquet 2015

29 April 2015

Congratulations to all of this years award recipients, scholarship recipients, and graduates!

Gregory Beauregard, Outstanding Junior
Matthew Ciesler, Outstanding Senior
Penghui Lin, Outstanding Graduate T.A.
Timothy Gustafson, Outstanding Graduate T.A.
Shreyashi Chakdar, Outstanding Graduate R.A.
Saki Kahn, Outstanding Graduate R.A.

Daniel Stevens Scholarship (New Awards): Greg Beauregard, Benjamin Cottrell, Thrasher Garrison, Charles James, Mason Keesling, Brian Leninger, Kaitlin Mitchell, Daniel Oliver, Cameron Racz, Amanda Sheridan, and Cannon Vogel
Daniel Stevens Scholarship (Continuing): Charith DeSilva, Todd Edmonds, Joshua Hall, Tristen Lee, and Jackson Stubblefield

Graduating Students - Bachelors: Nathan Depaulo, William Vernon, Matthew Ciesler, Aaron Downey, Saxon Sampley, and Justin Vernon

Graduating Students - Doctorate: MD Foiez Ahmed, Shreyashi Chakdar, Lian Duan, Penghui Lin, Mingxian Su, and Amanda Taylor

Physicist Searches for Billion Year Old Particles

26 January 2015

Dr. Joe Haley, assistant professor of physics, is one of the leaders of the OSU High Energy Physics group that has joined scientists from around the world conducting research near Geneva, Switzerland, at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research to discover subatomic particles that haven't existed for billions of years. Haley's team is currently searching for vector-like quarks, particles predicted by theorists to explain some of the problems in the Standard Model of physics. If these particles are found, it would transform the current thinking of particle physics and help answer questions like the source of dark matter. The complete article with a brief video interview of Dr. Haley is available on the College of A&S Website.

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