Crystal Structure of CsCl

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CsCl structure:
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Lattice sc
Basis Cs [000]
Cl [½,½,½]

Viewing Hints:

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  2. To rotate about the screen's horiz. axis drag mouse up-down.
  3. To rotate about axis perp. to screen drag the mouse in tight circular pattern (small circles).

Self-test Questions:

  1. Is the cell shown primitive?
  2. How many atoms of each type are there per unit cell?
  3. What is the coordination (nearest-neighbor number, arrangement, and type) of each Cl atom in this structure? Repeat for Cs.
  4. What is the nearest-neighbor distance (in terms of cubic lattice parameter a)?
  5. If both atoms were of the same chemical species (instead of being different species), could you describe the resultant crystal structure in terms of a one-atom basis and a different underlying Bravais lattice? Which one?

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